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Our Extensive Post Construction Cleaning Service in Grand Rapids, MI

Rolling up our sleeves, we jump into the midst of construction chaos and transform it into a space of pristine comfort. As long-established providers of post-construction cleaning, we're always ready and eager to turn your project from a dusty job site into a sparkling, move-in-ready abode.

Rest assured, we don't let size deter us. No matter how large or small your construction project is, we've got it covered. From the tiniest corner to the broadest floor space, nothing goes unnoticed by our experienced eyes. Post-service, we take away the garbage, leaving your space tidier than ever before. After all, we're all about details.

Thinking beyond debris, we focus on making your new space feel like home. Clean, sanitized, and danger-free. The thought of juggling cleaning and moving in can be a daunting one. That's why you leave the cleaning to us while you focus on settling in. We're swift, we're thorough, and you'll know it's time to move in as soon as we're done.

But that's not all!

Delving into the specifics of our services, we've got your needs covered. Whether your project needs a simple standard carpet cleaning or a deeper ceramic tile cleaning, we've got the expertise. From polishing fixtures, vents, and lighting to power washing entrances, we work meticulously to remove every speck of dust. Our services also extend to VCT stripping and waxing, deep-cleaning ceramic tile, tile grout extraction, and ceramic tile sealing. Basically, we offer a wide-ranging marvel in clean comfort.

So, don't wait. Reach out and let's begin the transformation from construction site to perfect home. Post-construction cleaning is an essential part of the construction puzzle and no property is too big or too small for us. We're not just cleaning, we're paving the way to your new beginning.

What Types of Buildings & Construction We Clean

Offices & Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces ‒ be they offices, stores, restaurants, warehouses, retail spaces ‒ or even large-scale buildings, demand specialized cleaning to maintain a professional, pristine environment. We understand that when your work site is clean and orderly, it speaks volumes about your respect for your employees and customers. Let us be part of your team, helping you to create the most positive impression possible. Our staff, skilled in heavy-duty shop vacs, effectively dispels dust and debris, turning your newly constructed commercial space into a clean and welcoming one. Remember, we're just a call away!


Apartments house multiple families, making them hubs of hustle and bustle. The remnants of construction can disrupt the otherwise peaceful environment, with construction debris and dust reducing the livability of the space. Our experienced team assures you a move-in ready home, with comprehensive cleaning services that include garbage removal, dry dusting of walls, cabinets, and shelves, standard carpet cleaning, and more. We diligently work to make your newly constructed or renovated apartment spotless and perfectly arranged to move in.

New Homes

A new house often symbolizes a fresh start, a clean slate to fill with beautiful memories. But the after-effects of construction can mar this vision. As we clean your new home from top to bottom, we make sure nothing is overlooked ‒ not a single floor space or corner is spared. We sanitize your property to make it safe and comfortable to live in. The provision of additional services like fixture polishing, ceramic tile cleaning, power washing, VCT stripping, and waxing qualifies us as your go-to cleaning service provider.

In the end, it's not just about getting rid of the dirt, dust, and debris. It's about transforming your construction site into a clean, renewed space for you to live and work in with the utmost comfort and zero hassle. Visit our Get A Quote page to setup your cleaning today.

Our Process For Delivering Clean Homes & Happy Faces

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Why Choose Renewed Comfort Cleaning for Your Post-Construction Cleanings

When it's about putting the final touch to a newly constructed or renovated space, Renewed Comfort Cleaning stands out as the go-to choice in Grand Rapids. Post-construction cleaning is demanding -it's about more than just dusting off surfaces. It's about transforming a chaotic construction site into a spotless, inviting environment.

We comprehend the importance of safety and cleanliness at a construction site, so offering exemplary cleaning services. Each home, each office, and every construction project is unique. We recognize this, and our services are tailored to meet these unique needs. Whether it's a sprawling commercial space or a cozy residential one, no job is too big, or too small, for us. We'll clean your home from top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned.

With years of industry experience, we excel in handling construction debris, accumulated dust, and residual materials. Our team is skilled in sanitizing and arranging spaces post-construction, ensuring that your premises are ready for occupancy as quickly as possible. Also, we have a robust waste-disposal process in place. There is much to worry about when handling post-construction cleanup. But, we'll alleviate those concerns with our high-quality, speed cleaning services.

Choosing Renewed Comfort Cleaning also means choosing a worry-free experience. We can handle the stress of cleanup while you focus on moving in and organizing your space. Every new or renovated space deserves to reflect the hard work that has gone into construction. This is where we step in, ensuring that every corner reflects only the best. We don't believe in mediocrity – we aim for perfection.

Book our services today and experience the brilliance of a perfectly cleaned, perfectly renewed space. See for yourself how Renewed Comfort Cleaning can transform your construction site into a comfortable space that is ready to live or work in. The transformation will surely be an experience to witness.

A Cleaner Home and Happy Clients

Beforepicture of the refrigerator that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the refrigerator that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"I couldn't believe how quickly they got someone scheduled in to clean for us and the work was amazing. I forgot how wonderful a professionally cleaned house looks and smells!! A+"
Review by Lisa Kaye
Before picture of the bathroom tub that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the bathroom tub that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"Eva was amazing!  She did a "move-in" cleaning and worked her tail off for 7 hours. The place looked brand new.  I highly recommend!"
Headshot of a Renewed Comfort Cleaning customer
Review by Jeanna Allen
Before picture of the wood floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the wood floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"Fantastic job! The house looks great! They worked hard four hours plus. I will be using their services again and would recommend them to anyone."
Review by Ann Gysin
Before picture of the bathroom floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the bathroom floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"Managed to book me in very last minute which was amazing. Service was affordable,  and I cannot recommend enough. It was my first time ever using a home cleaning service and I am now hooked and will be booking more."
Headshot of a Renewed Comfort Cleaning customer
Review by Claudia Rayner

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Renewed Comfort Cleaning post-construction cleaning cover?


Tackling a sizable construction project is commendable, and we're prepared to step in to assist with the final crucial task—cleaning. In our post-construction cleaning service, no task is too hard or detail too small. We revamp every nook and corner, leaving no floor space overlooked.We are experts at clearing construction debris, organizing spaces, polishing fixtures, and sanitizing properties. Plus, we offer deep carpet cleaning, tile grout extracting, and power washing entrances as part of our tailored cleaning plans, ensuring homes are invigoratingly clean and ready to move into. Remember, we don't just clean; we transform.

Why should I choose Renewed Comfort Cleaning for post-construction cleaning in Grand Rapids?


Choosing Renewed Comfort Cleaning is choosing peace of mind. We handle each cleaning task, irrespective of scale, with the same level of dedication, meticulousness, and effectiveness. Trust us, we've seen it all - from large to small constructions .Our robust cleaning techniques backed by years of experience assure you that your new place will be ready for occupancy right after cleaning. It's our specialty, and we pride ourselves on it. Our unwavering passion for offering quality results separates us from the rest. Let us carry the burden of post-construction cleaning while you focus on settling into your new, sparkling-clean space.

Are the cleaning services of Renewed Comfort Cleaning adaptable to different scales?


Yes, Renewed Comfort Cleaning prides itself on its ability to adapt to cleaning tasks of any scale. Their experience and dedication promise efficiency and thoroughness, regardless of the size of the cleaning task.

What makes Renewed Comfort Cleaning stand out? in Grand Rapids, MI?


Renewed Comfort Cleaning stands out due to our comprehensive approach to post-construction cleaning, our broad range of services, and our commitment to delivering maximum comfort to clients. Our expert team ensures that homes are thoroughly clean and move-in ready.

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