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What's Included In Our Deep Cleanings

When it comes to deep home cleaning in Grand Rapids, we've got you covered. We understand that maintaining a clean home can be quite challenging. This is especially true for large homes or those with children or pets. Our comprehensive deep cleaning services can help take the load off your shoulders.

Our Deep Cleaning services go above and beyond traditional house cleaning. This typically includes the standard cleaning items and much more. The extra features of our deep cleanings include cleaning the insides of appliances, dusting every nook and corner, and washing the windows among others.

Dusting is a key part of our deep cleaning. It extends beyond the surface level. We clean and dust areas that are often overlooked during regular cleanings like baseboards, window sills, and light fixtures.

We then move on to the kitchen. This is where we shine with our deep cleaning. The crew will clean the insides and tops of appliances, take the trash out, mop the floors, and more.

Our next stop is usually the bathroom. Here, we make everything shine. Our deep cleaning service includes scrubbing the grout, cleaning the drains, and descaling shower heads and faucets.

For families with pets, our deep cleaning services extend to tackle pet hair and dander that can accumulate over time. A deep clean not only makes your home shine but also ensures it's free from allergens and asthma triggers.

Plus to residential cleanings, we also carry out deep house cleanings for property managers and real estate agents in Grand Rapids. We're fully bonded and insured, so you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands.

We're environmentally conscious too! We aim to use cleaning products that are safe for the Earth wherever possible. Our crews are professional and efficient. If there's an area you're not fully satisfied with, we'll return the next day and re-clean it.

Our aim is simple - to provide the finest deep house cleaning services in Grand Rapids that meet even your most unique cleaning needs. Whether it's a one-time requirement or a recurring service, we're here to make sure your home always shines! After all, we're not just cleaning your house, we're taking care of your home. Visit Our Cleaning Checklist to see what's included.

Deep Cleaning Extras

We know each home's cleaning needs are unique and deep house cleanings can demand an extra level of attention. Adapting and meeting our clients' various requests, we offer a range of extra add-ons for our deep home cleaning in Grand Rapids.

If ceiling fans are gathering dust or French doors need refreshing, we've got it covered. Mirrors are a magnet for smudges and fingerprints but fear not, we'll make them shine. Chandeliers can be challenging with their intricate designs and hard-to-reach spots, but we manage to keep them sparkling. Even special requests are welcome because we strive to tailor our service to the client's specific needs.

Also, windows, often the soul of a home, deserve special care. Our expertise extends to providing a comprehensive window cleaning service. We handle window sills, screens, hard-to-reach windows, sunrooms, and skylights. Our cleaning process ensures that no streaks are left behind and every corner shines.

It's important to us that our services satisfy homeowners and that they feel confident entrusting their homes to us. We're not just any cleaning service; we are a locally owned, fully insured operation. Our courteous, uniformed professional staff go the extra mile, ensuring each home we clean gleams, looks its best and feels welcoming.

Offering a complete cleaning solution—not just basic housekeeping, we also serve property managers, real estate agents, builders, and business owners with our thorough cleaning services. Our broad client base and consistent referrals tell a story of dedication and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to the environment and keen to sustain its health for generations to come. We use cleaning products that are environmentally responsible and safe for Mother Earth. Our core values and dedication to service, make us the ideal choice for deep home cleaning in Grand Rapids.

Remember, a clean home is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. It’s satisfaction. It’s health. It's comfort. And it's what we excel in delivering, one home at a time. Book your deep cleaning online today!

Our Process For Delivering Clean Homes & Happy Faces

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The Importance of Deep Cleaning Services

Think about it: When was the last time you had a deep home cleaning? Right, it's probably been a while. Now think about all the things that might be lurking in your home that a regular cleaning just can't reach. Dust in the ceiling fans, dirt on the French doors, smudges on mirrors and chandeliers, not to mention the grime that builds up in window tracks.

This is where deep house cleanings truly shine. They remove unseen dirt and bacteria, enhancing the overall cleanliness level and leaving a healthier environment.

We cannot stress enough the importance of clean homes for health and comfort. Let's face it, given our busy lives, we often tend to overlook this essential task. But worry not, we're here to help.

We have designed a careful system to deep clean each of your rooms on a rotating basis. This system ensures thorough cleaning and sanitizing, from the areas you use daily to that hard-to-clean grout. It's not just cleaning; it's giving you peace of mind with a clean and sanitized home.

What sets us apart? Well, we handle residential cleaning services so you can focus on what truly matters. Our cleaning crews are professionally trained. In case you're unsatisfied with any area we've cleaned, we're committed to reclean it the next day.

We also take pride in our environmental responsibility, focusing on using products that are sustainable and safe for the Earth. So no worries about any harsh chemicals—we care about your health, your home, and the Earth.

Speaking of homes, we treat yours like ours. We are fully bonded and insured for your peace of mind.

We tailor our cleaning services to meet unique client needs including property managers, real estate agents, builders, and business owners in Grand Rapids.

In essence, deep cleaning services enhance your home’s hygiene, reduce allergens, minimize the spread of illness, and greatly save you time. So, isn't it high time to schedule your deep cleaning service?

Why Choose Us

When it comes to Deep Home Cleaning in Grand Rapids, we’ve set the bar high. Treating your home like our own, we make sure every corner shines with pristine cleanliness.

We’ve put together a team of professionals, trained to leave no stone unturned in your home. If you're ever unhappy with any area we've cleaned, we'll come back the next day and reclean it - because your satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Value your time? So do we. That's why we offer immediate and accurate online quotes for our deep cleaning services. You can bid adieu to worry about cleaning and use your time to enjoy precious moments or just simply unwind.

Here's something you'd be thrilled to know - we're fully bonded and insured. When we step into your home, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your abode is in safe hands.

But our commitment to you goes beyond a bright, sparkling home. We’re passionate about the environment and its sustainability. We choose cleaning products that are both responsible, and sustainable and it’s a commitment we’re extremely proud of.

Our team achieves Deep House Cleanings without the harmful effects of harsh chemicals. So not only is your home spotlessly clean, but it's also a healthier, fresher space for you and your family.

Our Grand Rapids customers can vouch for our exceptional service. Marcelle from Grand Rapids reveled in the professionalism received during a same-day cleaning request. Meanwhile, Sophie from Belmont found our service as impressive as the friendliness of our staff.

In essence, we're not just offering you a cleaning service, but a chance to experience unmatched service, eco-friendliness, and overall peace of mind. SO when you think deep cleaning, think Renewed Comfort Cleaning.

A Cleaner Home and Happy Clients

Beforepicture of the refrigerator that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the refrigerator that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"I couldn't believe how quickly they got someone scheduled in to clean for us and the work was amazing. I forgot how wonderful a professionally cleaned house looks and smells!! A+"
Review by Lisa Kaye
Before picture of the bathroom tub that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the bathroom tub that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"Eva was amazing!  She did a "move-in" cleaning and worked her tail off for 7 hours. The place looked brand new.  I highly recommend!"
Headshot of a Renewed Comfort Cleaning customer
Review by Jeanna Allen
Before picture of the wood floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the wood floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"Fantastic job! The house looks great! They worked hard four hours plus. I will be using their services again and would recommend them to anyone."
Review by Ann Gysin
Before picture of the bathroom floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort CleaningAfter picture of the bathroom floor that was professionally cleaned in Rockford, MI by Renewed Comfort Cleaning
After ✨
"Managed to book me in very last minute which was amazing. Service was affordable,  and I cannot recommend enough. It was my first time ever using a home cleaning service and I am now hooked and will be booking more."
Headshot of a Renewed Comfort Cleaning customer
Review by Claudia Rayner

Frequently Asked Questions

What Differentiates Deep Cleaning from Regular Cleaning in Grand Rapids, MI?


The difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning lies in the level of thoroughness and attention to detail. Regular cleaning often encompasses basic tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, and generally keeping spaces tidy. It's all about maintaining a clean home. On the other hand, deep house cleanings involve a much more comprehensive approach. It reaches the deep grime and dirt in your home, not just removing the dirt you can see but also those hidden spots we tend not to tackle regularly. This includes tasks like cleaning behind and under appliances, deep carpet cleaning, washing walls and windows, and even tackling grout in the bathroom tiles.

Is Deep Cleaning Worth the Investment in Grand Rapids, MI?


Absolutely! When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness, aesthetics, and overall healthiness of your home, deep cleaning services are worth the investment. An occasional deep clean can save you from potential health risks associated with dirt, dust, and allergens. Also, deep cleaning can provide a level of cleaning that you may not be able to achieve on your own. This is especially beneficial for those who may not have the time and resources to tackle a thorough deep clean. Our professional cleaners are trained to spot those often neglected areas and know exactly how to effectively rid your home of unwanted dirt and grime. So, when considering the value of deep home cleaning in Grand Rapids, remember it's an investment not only in your home's cleanliness but your health and satisfaction too. Our professional cleaners are here to make sure you can rest easy knowing we've tackled all the tricky spots with care.

How often should I deep clean my house in Grand Rapids?


Deep cleaning isn't a frequent task. Experts suggest doing it once or twice a year. While it's traditional to deep clean during spring, establishing a routine is more important than timing.

What should I expect during a deep cleaning service in Grand Rapids, MI?


Expect a meticulous process during a deep cleaning service. Beyond dusting and mopping, professionals will move furniture, clean behind appliances, and wash the walls.

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